Selcouth Cyber Security Services Private Limited

Vulnerability Management


What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management is the cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, prioritizing, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities in a specified environment.

Implementing this, alongside with other security controls, is vital for organizations in order to prioritize discovered threats and minimizing their attack surface.

This process needs to be continuous, in order to keep up with new systems being added to networks, changes that are made to existing systems, and the discovery of new vulnerabilities over time.

Approach to Vulnerability Management


Actively and continuously identifying your network & applications for an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities.


Analyzing the discovered vulnerabilities for critical exposures in the environment.


With a combination of vulnerability data & threat intelligence along with easy-to-understand risk scores, which enables our clients to prioritize which vulnerabilities to fix first.


After prioritizing vulnerabilities, we help our clients to draft and implement a remediation plan, which not only keeps up with best known industry practices but also patch exposures in a timely manner.


To keep up with new threats, scans are carried as a continuous process –monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or in any other desired frequency as required by the client.