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Exploit Writing + OSCP + StackOverflow acc3ssp0int / March 18, 2019

Smashing the Stack

Hi everyone, in this blog post I’ll be talking about how to perform a stack buffer overflow exploit, also practically demonstrating the exploit. But first, we’re going to talk about what a buffer overflow attack is and why it works the way it is. \x01 – Introduction I’ve spent quite ...

InfoSec acc3ssp0int / February 14, 2019

Road to OSCP – Part 3

Welcome back, glad you stuck around. This is the final part of my Road to OSCP series. I will try to write a lot more and be more active. Try to give back what I’ve learnt so far, and learn more 🙂 root@acc3ssp0int:~# service oscp_labs stop If you’ve reached this ...

InfoSec acc3ssp0int / February 12, 2019

Road to OSCP – Part 2

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell Hi, I’m glad you’re back. This post continues to part 2 of a journey to OSCP. In this post, we’ll explore everything technical, and I’ll give you some study ...

InfoSec acc3ssp0int / February 11, 2019

Road to OSCP – Part 1

Doesn’t matter if you’re just getting into cyber security or you have already been here a while, you must’ve heard about offensive-security and their well known Offensive Security Certified Professional or OSCP for short. root@acc3ssp0int:~# cat OSCPguide/newb.txt I’ve never written a blog before, this is an attempt at one. This ...